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World Cup Beitostølen, Sat, 25 Nov - Sun, 26 Nov 2000

About Beitostølen:

beito Beitostølen is wonderfully situated 900 metres about sea level in the northernmost part of the Valdres Region with the Jotunheimen massifs as it's closest neighbour. Beitostølen is situated around 230 km northwest of Oslo, three hours with car.

Close to Beitostølen you will find Fagernes Airport. The airport is a natural gateway for international incoming charter traffic. Fagernes centre is modern, with various kinds of shops, liquor store, accommodation in several categories, a camping site, swimming possibilities, restaurants, etc. You can hire caravans, boats and canoes, enjoy walking trips in beautiful surroundings, explore the mountains by horseback, play outdoor tennis - only to mention a few activities !

Valdres Folk Museum is the 4. largest in Norway, with 93 buildings in the area, and more than 6.000 items. The museum is situated at the Storøya, a beautiful peninsula in the Strande fjord, close to Fagernes.


Please contact the WC-secretariat regarding any
questions you may have or information you may
need about the event.


Østre Slidre IL
Jan Paulsen

N-2953 Beitostølen

T: +47 61 35 22 00
F: +47 61 35 22 01

e-mail: turistko@online.no

The Program:
Saturday 25 November Cross Country - World Cup Opening
Cross Country 10 k C - Women
Cross Country 10 k C - Men
Sunday 26 November Cross Country 4x5k C + F - Women
Cross Country 4x10k C + F - Men


Accomodations, Beitostølen
Bergo Hotell/Beitostølen Høyfjellshotell
Grønolen Fjellgard
Øyang Hotell
Beitostølen Høyfjellshotell
Bygdin Fjellhotell
Øyang Turisthotell
Bitigrenda Hytter
Knuts Hyttegrend
Fjellvang Hyttegrend

Bitihorn Fjellstue

Current World Cup Standings:

World Cup Cross Country 1999/2000:
1. Johann MUEHLEGG
3. Odd-Bjorn HJELMESET
1. Bente SKARI
2. Kristina SMIGUN
3. Larissa LAZUTINA

FIS Points & Standings: Nordic Combined, Jumping and Cross Country


Patrick Roelli
Mathias Fredriksson
Markus Gandler
Markus Hasler
Stephan Kunz
Janko Neuber
Peter Schlickenrieder
René Sommerfeldt
Anders Aukland
Espen Bjervig
Frode Estil
Håvard Solbakken
Krister Sørgård
Maj Helen Sorkmo
Marit Roaldset
Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset
Rønnaug Schei
Thomas Alsgaard
Tina Bay
Tor Arne Hetland

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