Cross-Country skiing competitions cover a range of distances from the short sprint to the blue riband championship event of 50 km for men and 30 km for ladies. In addition marathon races can be as long as 100 km. All Cross-Country races demand physical endurance and efficient technique.

Classic Technique
Diagonal style, on steep uphill sections a herringbone step is necessary. Skating is not permitted.

Free Technique
Various techniques are used with skating being the most common where there is a gliding phase in the movement.

The best 32 or 16 qualifiers compete in a knockout system with two or four competitors in each round over a distance of 600 to 2000m.

Team Competition
Nations compete against each other at championship events with 4 competitors who alternate between classic and free technique. All teams start together.

Sprint Relay
Nations compete against each other in a team of two competitors who alternate each round for a total of 4-6 rounds.

Pursuit Start
Staggered starting system based on the result of the first leg event.

Mass Start
All competitors start together with the first past the post declared the winner.

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