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Bronze for Gunn Margit
After having been 3rd on the sprint on Saturday, The Chech Republic’s Katerina Holubcova shot clean and won th...
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18. March 2003

Gunn Margit Best Ever, Second in 15k
Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poiree continued her strong performance in the women’s biathlon, she shot 19/20 on ...
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23. January 2002

Gunn Margit Nr. 41 in 15k in Pokljuka, 7 Misses
Magdalena Forsberg, the Swede who leads the world cup in the women's biathlon, recorded her 5th world champion...
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06. February 2001

Gunn Margit to ski 15k Normal Program
The world championships in biathlon will continue tomorrow in Pokljuka with the 15k for women. Please view so...
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05. February 2001

Gunn Margit Nr. 14 i Pursuit
Liv Grete Skjelbreid improved on her husband's silver from earlier this morning, winning the women's biathlon ...
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04. February 2001

Gunn Margit nr. 24 i Sprint
The Germans dominated the sprint in the women's world championships biathlon this afternoon in Pokljuka, recor...
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03. February 2001

Gunn Margit 7th in Mass Start,
Corine Niogret won Sunday's 12,5k women's biathlon mass start in Anterselva, Italy. Please view the top 10 bel...
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22. January 2001

Gunn Margit Very Strong in Relay (Eng.Ger.)
The Norway women's team, Ann-Elen Skjelbreid, Gro Marit Istad, Linda Kjørum, and Gunn Margit Andreassen won to...
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19. January 2001

Gunn Margit 12 in Sprint in Anterselva
Magdalena Forsberg recorded her 8th win in a row today in the women's sprint biathlon in Anterselva, Italy. S...
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18. January 2001

Gunn Margit 12th in Mass Start/070.01.01, Oberhof
Gunn Margit Andreassen placed 14th last saturday and barely qualified for the mass start on Sunday (top 30 in ...
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08. January 2001

Biathlon Programs
Biathlon is as of today one of the more popular winter sports, one of the reasons being a favorable competitio...
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08. January 2001

Gunn Margit; 4 Bom, 12 Plass i Jaktstart
Gunn Margit Andreassen (27) gjorde som samboer Frode Andresen i verdenscupjaktstarten i går. Hun fikk en bom a...
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18. December 2000

Kjmepeløp av Gunn Margit
04. December 2000 by JOSTEIN RAVNÅSEN Med buksa bak-fram gikk Gunn Margit Andreassen (27) sitt livs løp og av...
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11. December 2000

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