XC for 2010, No Tour in Kuusamo, Tour Worlds in 2012

Posted 25. May 2009 by Editor

After meetings this weekend there seem to be some changes ahead for xc for the next seasons, the most noticing being:

There will be a World Championship event in The Tour Format, likely in 2012. This season, as every 4th year, there is no other worlds or Olympics. This event thus comes in addition to the Nordic Worlds. This will be very similar to Tour de Ski. Sweden and Canada have already expressed interest.

Racers may score points in individual events in The Tour de Ski and The World Cup final without having to finish the full tour. So overall points will be a bonus, max 50 points for individual wins.

Bonus sprints in mass start events(like we had in Trondheim last year) will continue.

Change of skis will be allowed on some long distance mass start events. This may also later come to include pursuit events, say for example one change on the classic part and one change on the skate leg. The 30/50k events in the 2010 Olympics will allow for change of skis.

The events in Kuusamo will NOT be hosted in a tour format. Reasons were due to not wanting to have too many tours and not giving out too many world cup points early in the season.

As expected the B final in sprints was decided to be be taken out.

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