Coaches Presentations, Jarkko Saapunki, Nordic Combined Finland

Posted 06. May 2002 by Editor

Jarkko Saapunki is the new ski jumping coach in the Nordic program in Finland, here is a presentation of the young Finn.

During his high school years he was coached by Mika Kojonkoski.

Saapunki has coached the Finnish junior ski jumpers for 4 years and had enhojed great success in junior world championships.

Name: Jarkko Saapunki

Born: 25101976

Education: Sports Instructor 2001, Professional coach diploma 2002, 4 of five possible levels done in trainers education, studying at university for fifth level in near future(masters)
Civil status: married, two kids (2 and 4 years)

Active career: Moved 1992 from Kuusamo to Kuopio sports high school to be a jumper and go to high school. Mika Kojonkoski was my trainer then and he was master coach for me on my studies.

4/ 1997 moved to Oulu and 11/1997 to Japan. 9/1998 to Vuokatti and 7/ 2001 to Karttula 20 km from Kuopio.

Junior world championships 1993 member (no entries because of illness), Finnish championships 4th 1994 K90, 7th K 120.

Junior National team member 93-94, B-team member 94-95 (A-team 95 autumn). Quit jumping 1996


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