Frode in XC World Cup Final

Posted 22. March 2001 by Editor

Frode Andresen, one of the leading Norwegian biathletes, finishing third overall in this year's biathlon world cup, will ski this weekend's cross country world cup final in Finland.

Biathlon world cup standings, click here:

Andresen says he is in good shape and hopes to stay with the leaders as long as possible, although a 60k may a little too long.

He says that he did get some good experiences last year by doing some long distance mountain bike races. Frode holds Muhlegg as the favorite, Muhlegg has won the world loppet before and has generally performed well in long mass start races. He also won the 50k in Lahti.

Andresen will be back in Norway late Sunday night, starting in the Norwegian biathlon championships on Monday.

Frode won the season ender Skarverennet last year, the results below, Hetland 3rd, Bjonviken 6th, Botwinow 16th. look at the time differences in a mass start. Frode will also ski Skarverennet this year.

Skarverennet 2000, 37k skate mass start:

1. 1:44:01 Andresen, Frode H

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